About JeRsey Coast Blasting

We are here to offer a service that isn't available in Cape May County.  You can bring us anything that needs to be stripped and we can refinish the part as well.  Don't Replace, Refinishing is most of the time, much cheaper.  From heavy equipment to lawn furniture, and anything in-between, we can help with you renovation projects!!  

I felt that every time I seen a Mobile Blasting Company come down to Cape May County that you were over paying for a service due to all the travel time these companies had to do.  So long story short, there now is a Local Blasting Company that is based on being honest, fair priced, on time, and to do exactly what I say I will.

AFter Blasting

Dry Ice Pellets

Baking SOda Media


Containment of blasted surfaces.

Full Air handler with dust containment system to maintain a clean work environment.  This also allows for a fast easy clean up that won't over flow into other areas.

Water injection systems to regulate dust and flying debris.

Dry Ice is used for specialty blasting on delicate surfaces.

Extra Care given to the Marine Environment to keep zero contamination from water or marsh.

Pick up and Delivery of blasting projects to be done in my shop.

Complete primer and painting is offered as well.