Environmentally Safe Blasting

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Here at Jersey Coast Blasting, we offer any type of media blasting to handle all types of surface stripping.  From mold in your attic, to bottom paint on your boat,  or anything in between, our knowledge and experience will give you the perfect outcome to start fresh.  We use state of the art equipment and the highest quality of materials to insure that our service is the best it can be.  

We offer, Dry Ice Blasting for mold remediation or for commercial kitchen cleaning, baking soda blasting for any delicate surface like gel coat on you boat, or historic masonry to renew the years of build up.  Other types of media like sand or crushed glass is used for metal, concrete, or harder surfaces to bring them bac​k to new.  Located in southern New Jersey, we are close to all shore points, and the Tri State area.

Dry Ice (quick clean up, very safe)

Baking Soda (universal uses)

Abrasive (harder, more aggressive)

Slurry (water based Blasting)

4 Types of Blasting